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Valley Orchestra Guild
Instrument Rental Program

The Valley Orchestra Guild owns many violins and violas of varying sizes that are rented out to students.  

The cost of a yearly rental is $75 with a 1-time deposit fee of $100.  The deposit carries over every year your students rents the instrument.  When the instrument is returned, the deposit is refunded as long as the instrument is in the same or similar condition.

Why rent an instrument from the VOG?

1.  Cost

We are significantly less expensive than

renting from a local store.

2.  Convenience

We hold rental nights in the fall and spring to assist you in renting for your student.

3.  Community

Renting from the VOG supports our orchestra 4-12 grade community.  Funds from the rental program are used to support trips, solo and ensemble festivals, All-State, and more!


Students may re-size their instrument as needed.  Rental nights are done in May and in September.  Please submit questions below.

Contact Us with Rental Questions
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